Amsterdam’s software successes

The Amsterdam Area’s software development scene is especially vibrant, driven by established professionals, young coding talents and entrepreneurs with fresh ideas and willing to try something different. Whether you work for a major multinational in the Zuidas business district or a start-up in the heart of the city centre, IT professionals enjoy the quality of life, creative buzz and the flexibility in office hours. What’s more, the diversity in software development opportunities is vast, from innovations in mobile apps, social media and smart technology through to digital security in finance and solutions for life sciences and logistics.

A haven for hardware professionals

Around one third of European data centres are now based in the Amsterdam Area, ensuring the region is one of the most exciting choices for networking and hardware specialists. Of course, it helps that the digital infrastructure is exceptional – home to major international hubs like the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) and the Netherlands Internet Exhange (NL-ix). The sector is expanding annually and increasingly using cutting-edge technology to be more environmentally friendly.

Companies thriving in the region

Major employers of international talents in the Amsterdam Area include: Google, Facebook, ReachLocal, ServiceNow, Palo Alto Networks, Microsoft, Netflix, Red Hat Software, Blackboard, AppNexus, OracleMobiquity, Joyent, LinkedIn, Apple, Trion Networks, Criteo, SAP, Jive Software, Akamai and Infosys. These big names are joined by new international companies establishing in the region each year, covering the broad spectrum of cloud, data, mobile and desktop software.

Be your own boss

If you have talent and ideas, Amsterdam is a great location to throw yourself into the market, learning and growing in the process. The city is a renowned start-up hub with a variety of low-cost office/desk space and internationally-friendly support networks (such as Appsterdam). This drives a friendly, creative collaborative environment, enabling new companies to flourish. And if you’re looking for cross-industry support or financial investments, there are many dedicated accelerator programmes in Amsterdam that offer immediate boosts.

Explore IT opportunities in Amsterdam

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