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RAI Amsterdam

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The perfect home for your event! RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre hosts an immense variety of events. From trade shows to B2B exhibitions, from specialised conferences to theatre spectaculars. We always strive to enable organisers to meet their objectives and surpass expectations. RAI Amsterdam is a home for your event to thrive – the perfect place to connect, innovate, create impact and have a great time. With a total exhibition area of 116,200m² including 12 halls, 70 conference and meeting rooms, 2 auditoriums and a grand ballroom with a capacity of up to 1,746 people we welcome you home.

RAI Amsterdam

Europaplein 24
1078 GZ Amsterdam

The services we offer you

Count on a resourceful partner: everything your event needs is right here. From RAI Hotel Services, Exhibition Management, Exhibitor Services, IT and Catering to dependable preferred partners’ services. We make a point of understanding your business needs and work with you to deliver on your requests and level of expectations. 


RAI Amsterdam is located a few minutes from the city centre and eight minutes from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one of Europe’s most connected airports. We are just as easily reached by tram or metro as it is by car and there is plenty of parking space. With the new metro 52, with exits in front of our door, it takes less than 6 minutes to reach the city centre and Amsterdam's Central railway station.

Fostering innovation and growth through sustainability

We’re committed to address the most pressing global challenges of our time, calling upon collaborative partnerships, creative thinking, and innovation to balance the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion.

RAI Amsterdam’s ambition is to switch to circular economy processes and reduce the overall footprint of the events we organise and facilitate.

Our plan of action focuses on three main areas:

1. Benefiting people & society

We want people to perform to their best, to serve as a safe place to meet and to generate social return so as to stimulate the growth and development of those with whom our business interacts.

2. Organising and hosting events sustainably

We aim for zero waste, climate-neutral operations and a sustainable product range so that we can ensure an environment that enables meetings both now and long into the future.

3. Driving sustainable growth through innovation 

Each event is a platform that stimulates sustainable growth and development of people and markets with the right content, context and connection between the right communities. We therefore actively work every day to achieve this at our own events and events of third parties.

About the location

Max capacity10000
Event rooms72
Distance to Amsterdam CS7.5 km
Distance to airport13.8 km
Parking spots4000

Event rooms

12 Exhibition Halls
Room size82855m²
Daylight in room+
Auditorium incl. Lounge
Room size1500m²
Max capacity1746
Theater style1746
Daylight in room+
Forum incl. Lounge
Room size755m²
Max capacity709
School style368
Theater style709
Daylight in room+
Emerald Room
Room size240m² – 13.7m x 17.5m, 5m ↑
Max capacity266
School style98
Theater style266
U shape style44
Dinner style128
Room size540m²
Max capacity500
School style194
Theater style500
U shape style84
Elicium Ballroom
Room size1985m²
Max capacity2000
School style776
Theater style2000
U shape style130
Dinner style1070
Daylight in room+
E105 - E106
Room size160m² – 12m x 22.2m, 10.5m ↑
Max capacity190
Theater style190
U shape style34
Dinner style88
Daylight in room+
Room size239m²
Max capacity240
School style102
Theater style240
U shape style42
Dinner style120
Daylight in room+
E103 - E104 - E107 - E108
Room size120 m² – 9.3m x 12.7m, 5.1m ↑
Max capacity128
School style48
Theater style128
U shape style29
Dinner style80
Daylight in room+
G104 - G105 - G106 - G107
Room size120m² – 10.8m x 11.1m, 3.7m ↑
Max capacity120
School style57
Theater style120
U shape style26
Dinner style64
Daylight in room+
F002 - F003 - F004 - F005
Room size90m² – 12.5m x 7.2m, 3.2m ↑
Max capacity80
School style45
Theater style80
U shape style26
Dinner style64
Daylight in room+
D201 - D202 - D203 - D204
Room size105m² – 11.8m x 8.8m, 7m ↑
Max capacity94
School style30
Theater style94
U shape style22
Daylight in room+
L101 - L102
Room size31m² – 7.5m x 4.2m, 4m ↑
Max capacity27
School style8
Theater style27
L103 - L104
Room size53m² – 7m x 7.5m, 4m ↑
Max capacity56
School style20
Theater style56
U shape style14
Daylight in room+
Europa Foyer
Room size1833m²
Max capacity1120
Dinner style1120
Park Foyer
Room size1600m²
Max capacity1440
Theater style1440
Daylight in room+
Forum incl. lounge
Room size755m²
Max capacity709
School style368
Theater style709
Daylight in room+

RAI Amsterdam

Europaplein 24
1078 GZ Amsterdam