International excellence in MedTech

MedTech – the cutting-edge subsector that combines ICT and life sciences – utilises technology to improve the future of healthcare. And some of the industry's biggest innovations are happening right here in Amsterdam. The Netherlands’ streamlined healthcare system – coupled with the Dutch population’s remarkably early adoption of technology – makes Amsterdam the perfect testbed for MedTech, which is why so many international companies in the field have made the move to the Dutch capital. One such company is Turkey-based Alvimedica Medical Technologies, a producer of high-end heart surgery equipment. There's also Wright Medical Technologies, a US company that designs and manufactures orthopaedic aids for worn and damaged joints. Another US company here is NuVasive, an innovator in spine-surgery technology that is improving the lives of patients worldwide.

“Amsterdam has a long-standing history as one of Europe’s leading business hubs because of its innovative character and its accessibility.” – Cem Bozkurt, Alvimedica Medical Technologies

Homegrown MedTech in Amsterdam

Of course, there are plenty of homegrown MedTech innovators here, too. For example, Bram Schermers – a clinical research scientist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) – recently won the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award for his cutting-edge tech for breast cancer detection. And there are always new developments happening at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the University of Amsterdam and VUmc Cancer CenterAmsterdam Science Park is also making great progress in the field – particularly with the next generation of nanomaterials. “These have the potential to enormously increase the efficiency of solar cells, boosting sustainable energy methods and will have a huge impact on medical technologies and treatments,” says Leo le Duc, the park’s director. The city is also home to some groundbreaking MedTech startups, including MedEye and Earlydoc, and the city's dedicated MedTech incubator – NLC – ensures that Amsterdam will continue to be a MedTech leader in the years to come. 

“Our office in the Amsterdam Area provides us with an excellent springboard for strengthening our position in the markets we will be serving from this location in the years ahead.” – Paul Kösters, Wright Medical Technologies