Gaming industry hub

Some of the world’s best-known gaming studios and companies, including Guerrilla Games, Perfect World, PUBG, Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard, are based in Amsterdam. The city and and its region are starting to enjoy a critical mass effect as creative success grows, making Amsterdam even more attractive to clients and all types of creative companies involved in gaming and social media. Currently, there are 17 non-Dutch gaming companies based in Amsterdam, and 7 of these businesses choose the city and its surrounding areas for their headquarters. There are roughly 596 workers employed by these companies.

“The city is always there to help us get to the next level.” Johan Lofstrom, Chartboost

“Amsterdam has a really independent mind-set – it’s a place where for centuries people haven’t been scared to innovate.”Hermen Hulst, Guerrilla Games

Talent, network and digital infrastructure

The decisive factors in choosing a location for gaming companies are the attractiveness of the region for creatives, the presence of a network of gaming and other companies to cooperate. In addition, gaming companies need a stable and reliable digital infrastructure to compete in a global and mobile world and Amsterdam provides just that.

“Amsterdam has good infrastructure, including fast connectivity, which for an internet business is highly important. It’s also easy to source talent because people want to live here.” – Rick Kwinkelenberg, Perfect World