A multi-million Euro transportation scheme

Bicycle sharing initiatives in Amsterdam have received more than €1 million in funding to help boost the city’s smart mobility sector. Two Amsterdam bicycle sharing companies, Urbee and Cargoroo, will benefit from an €8.8 million subsidy as part of an EU project aiming to prove that offering shared electric bikes and cars is commercially viable. The City of Amsterdam will receive €1.2 million, which be used to install and promote e-hubs where shared bikes will be offered. The project will last three years and take place across seven cities in five countries with the support of multiple partners.

Making electric bikes more widely available

In addition to Amsterdam, the Dutch cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen will also participate in the project. The Belgian city of Leuven is also taking part, along with Dreux in France, Manchester in the UK, and Kempten, which is in southern Germany. Cargoroo has received €700,000 to place 150 electric bikes in these cities, while Urbee will divide 260 bikes between Amsterdam, Leuven and Nijmegen.

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The project began in late 2017 and was inspired by the work being done to promote bicycle sharing in cities by Urbee and Cargoroo. Two Belgian car companies and several educational institutions are involved as well, including the Delft University of Technology. The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences will provide advice on finding the best locations for the e-hubs and examine how consumers can change their mobility behaviour.

More about Amsterdam's smart mobility sector

The news is another step forward for the Amsterdam Area’s already thriving smart mobility sector. As well as bicycle sharing initiatives, there is already an increasing number of electric vehicles on Dutch roads. Amsterdam recently announced that it had secured its first fleet of fully electric public buses, and the region is already home to a wide range of shared mobility schemes, aiming to reduce congestion and improve life for its residents.

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