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A city of remarkable history and culture, Haarlem is just a short hop from Amsterdam but packs a unique punch. With spectacular monuments dating back almost 800 years, such as the Amsterdamse Poort and Sint-Bavokerk, it’s no wonder that so many great artists of the Golden Age wanted to capture its beauty and atmosphere.

Authentic Haarlem

Frans Hals, one of the Netherlands’ greatest painters, is celebrated in the Frans Hals Museum (alongside paintings by his peers). Of course, Haarlem has made an impact in more recent times too. Its Jugendstil train station is one of the most beautiful in the country and the city is a bustling hub of great cafés, shops and restaurants.

Discover Haarlem

Haarlem highlights

I amsterdam's selection of highlights of things to do and places to stay, eat and drink in Haarlem, including restaurants, hotels, museums and shoppin...

Getting to Haarlem

Getting to Haarlem from Amsterdam is a piece of cake. It’s quick and easy to get there using public transport.

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