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Creative industry in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s high quality of life and a laid-back atmosphere attract talent and fuel creativity and ambition. It’s a cosmopolitan village and creative capital where international, award-winning ideas, fashion, design and campaigns come into being.

  “Amsterdam: Where life is laid-back and business ambitious.” – Al Moseley, 180

Amsterdam: a cradle for vibrant ideas

Amsterdam has a long and illustrious history as a hotspot for innovations of all types. The city attracts creatives of all stripes, who find it easy to meet open-minded partners and cooperate across disciplines; as a result, creative industries such as advertising, TV, music, app development, and gaming are thriving. Amsterdam is home to some of the world’s leading advertising companies, including 180, Wieden + Kennedy and 72andSunny; the region has emerged as a pioneering location for the development of television formats; and the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is a worldwide phenomenon. And the abundance of creative businesses of all stripes can afford your company the advantage of spillover when disciplines cross over.

“I came here for work, I’ll stay because of the city.” – Nic Owen, 72andSunny

Cosmopolitan village

Due to its easy-to-navigate size, all relevant contacts are just a stone’s throw away and this makes the process of creation and production fast and flexible. The strong bike culture – the 800,000 people who live in Amsterdam own an estimated 881,000 bicycles – is especially appreciated among creative professionals.

“Amsterdam is a place where designers want to be – I regularly meet people who’ve worked all over but they choose to stay in or come back to Amsterdam because of the work-life balance – because it’s so accessible.” – Lisa Trapman, Aquent

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area also offers world-class infrastructure, both physically and digitally: it’s a popular base for international data centres, high-speed broadband and digital services providers, and has the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) to offer. Equally important is that Amsterdam is a talent hub for programmers and app developers.

“The eclectic mix of cultures and nationalities in this city makes it a world-class hub of creative talent.” – Hazelle Klønhammer, Anomaly Amsterdam

Startup hub

The Amsterdam Area is one of Europe’s most buzz-worthy startup hubs, too. Amsterdam is a natural testbed for startups thanks to a strong startup support system, a tech-savvy consumer base, a huge international talent pool and a great position for scaling into Europe.

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