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Business opportunity and impact meet in Amsterdam, making the city's enterprise environment both innovative and progressive. Let Amsterdam Impact be your guide to the city’s unique impact ecosystem with its accelerators, incubators, impact events, hubs, universities, investors and more; explore the ecosystem on our impact map and find your connections at various events.

Welcome to Amsterdam Impact!

Amsterdam has a long history of entrepreneurs who care for both the city and its residents. Social entrepreneurship – entrepreneurship that focuses on creating added value for society – is thus an integral part of the city’s mindset. And Amsterdam is a lively and living lab: experiments, innovations and collaborations are everywhere. The city is a hub for startups, and its geographical position within Europe makes it the ideal base for doing business with and expanding to Europe and the rest of the world.

The City of Amsterdam actively supports social entrepreneurship. To that end, it has launched a social entrepreneurship action programme with the motto ‘we connect for impact’. Explore the ecosystem on our impact map, find your connections at various events or contact Amsterdam Impact


Social enterprise

Amsterdam is an ideal homebase for social entrepreneurs, offering the networks, ecosystem and business preconditions to make impact enterprises a succ...


Amsterdam Impact encourages Dutch and international social entrepreneurs to establish links with Amsterdam and helps those already here to grow or sca...

About Amsterdam Impact

Amsterdam Impact is here to help you find your way. It supports social entrepreneurship in Amsterdam by hosting events, organising challenges and crea...

Impact testimonials

Impact investment and social entrepreneurship are integral to Amsterdam's business ecosystem, making the city the perfect environment for impact enter...


Learn more about Amsterdam Impact and Amsterdam as a hub for social entrepreneurship.

Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are a great way for businesses to share ideas, strategies and business advice. If you're a startup in Amsterdam looking for a shared...
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