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Museumwerf 't Kromhout

The historic Museumwerf 't Kromhout, at the Hoogte Kadijk in Amsterdam, has become known for its legendary Kromhout engines.

The Westkap and Oosthal, both industrial national monuments, were built around 1880. In 1967, the shipping activities ended and demolition of this unique spot at the Nieuwe Vaart was prepared. Thanks to a large contribution from the Prins Bernhard Foundation, the shipyard was revived in 1975. The Westkap is still in use as a shipyard and is surrounded by old ships. In the Oosthal, part of the collection of the Kromhout Museum has a prominent place, creating a unique atmosphere. This special marine location, located by the Nieuwe Vaart canal, is perfect for dinners, receptions, lectures and business presentations. The hall can be rented daily, with the exception of Tuesdays, when the museum opens its doors. The Oosthal is used for events and concerts between the historic and still working Kromhout engines.