People often ask us where the idea for The Avocado Show came from. Well, it came from the avocado itself. Just enjoying it in any shape and form is inspiring. Our favorite superfruit in the world is nutritious, versatile, yummy, good looking and basically LIFE! So we decided to open our first restaurant in Amsterdam to celebrate our green best friend.

Together with LEGENDARY CHEF and friend Jaimie van Heije we are able to create the stunning, yummy and mouthwatering avocado dishes that you see on our INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK PAGE. Looks count, but trust us when we say that our creations taste even better than they look!

We created a place for avocado fans, amazing food lovers & friends to enjoy and have fun. Surrounded by GOOD VIBES only.

The aim is to serve fans around the world and to open The Avocado Show in every cool city across the globe, starting in Amsterdam.

We hope to serve you soon. Enjoy!

Ron & Julien