Sacrale werken en liederen van Australië

Andrew Miller: Alleluia Incantation    
Lyn Williams: Festive Alleluia
Sandra Milliken: Kyrie en Gloria uit Missa Piccola    
Giulio Caccini: Ave Maria            
Piae Cantiones: Gaudete                    
Michael Atherton: Shall We Dream                    
Sarah Hopkins: Past Life Melodies
Stephen Leek: Tunggare                     
Andre Thomas: Keep those Lamps                
Rollo Dillworth: Take Me to the Water            
John Newton: Amazing Grace        
Albert Brumley: I’ll Fly Away                    
Sting: a Fields of Gold                
Huddie Leadbeater: Bring Me Little Water Silvy            
Lisa Young: Thuele Mamma Ya