New regulations for holiday rentals

As of Sunday, 1 October, all landlords must register their property with the City of Amsterdam if they want to let it for holiday rentals. Currently holiday rental regulations state that landlords must not let private homes to tourists for more than 60 days a year, and that holiday rentals incur income and tourist tax. They are in place to ensure holiday lets are conducted safely, honestly and without causing problems for neighbours and other residents. It is thought that the new registration process will help the City’s efforts to clamp down on illegal holiday rentals and make it easier to track violations.

How to notify the City

Landlords who want to let their property for Holiday rentals can register on this page, by clicking on the 'Meld vakantiehuur' button. You must have a valid DigID to complete the process. Failure to notify the City can incur a fine of €6,000, plus potential additional fines – up to a total of €20,500 – if other regulations, such as the 60-day-rule, have been violated. Other penalties for property owners who breach holiday rental guidelines include having to pay back outstanding tourist tax or even having to vacate their home.