Useful resources for doing business in the Amsterdam Area

I amsterdam’s Business pages are a comprehensive resource for doing business in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, with plenty of information on the latest news and developments in your industry and in-depth features about what makes Amsterdam’s various industries flourish and how boundaries are being pushed in the city’s startup scene. In addition, StartupAmsterdam offers an unparalleled network of support and resources, as well as access to Amsterdam’s thriving startup ecosystem. And IN Amsterdam helps with all official matters regarding international employees; it also regularly collaborates with the Chamber of Commerce on English-speaking seminars and events.

Important institutions and bodies are: 

  • Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency – Information on business law, taxation and establishing a business (available in English).
  • Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) – Provides information on having your own business and offers workshops on various aspects or procedures related to this (information and brochures are available in English, although most events and workshops are in Dutch). This is also where all new businesses need to be registered. The Chamber of Commerce publishes an in-depth brochure in English about starting a new business in the Netherlands with comprehensive and clear advice about the options and procedures that must be followed. You can download a digital PDF of the brochure on the KvK website.
  • Belastingdienst – Tax office. The website offers tax-related information including payroll and VAT refunds and describes the Dutch income tax system in detail.

Representing the interests of entrepreneurs

Business owners may wish to join the Royal Association MKB-Nederland, which represents the interests of entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses and consults with the government, politicians, unions, academic institutions and other organisations that have an influence on the development and maintenance of the country’s business environment. There are also a number of organisations representing the Netherlands’ large group of freelancers such as ZZP Nederland (website in Dutch).

Keeping up to date

IN Amsterdam sends out two newsletters, one corporate & HR newsletter featuring the latest business news, information on immigration issues and relevant events and seminars, and one for expats with information on city life in Amsterdam. StartupAmsterdam also produces a newsletter and maintains an active social media presence with up-to-date information on events, news and goings-on in Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem. 

Business groups and clubs 

Amsterdam’s business and startup ecosystems are lively and thriving, offering plenty of opportunity to network, socialise and broaden one’s horizons. An overview of internationally-oriented social and business groups in Amsterdam is available here; StartupAmsterdam offers access to its extensive event calendar here and further resources here; and the Business pages have more information on networks and resources here.