What brings expats to the Netherlands

The main reason the Netherlands is an interesting country for jobseekers is not the current employment market or the development opportunities, it is love. This emerged from a study conducted by HR services provider Unique Multilingual. The study was carried out among 397 respondents, representing 60 nationalities. Just under half, (49%) of the respondents state that their partner is the main reason for moving to the Netherlands and looking for a new job. Aside from this reason, the study also shows that expats who come to work in the Netherlands consider the offer of a Dutch language course to be an important factor in committing themselves to an organisation. Other reasons included: good employment conditions (56%), support in practical matters (32%) and the offer of housing, for those working in the Netherlands for a longer period of time.  

Why employees leave companies in the Netherlands

More than a quarter of respondents (28%) state that the most important reason for leaving a company in the Netherlands would be to accept a better job offer from another company. The second most important reason is wanting to move back to their home country, however, only 6% of respondents mentioned this as a reason. Other reasons included: a mismatch between qualifications, work experience and the job, and the inability to settle in the Netherlands (5% each). 

Challenges for jobseekers

The most frequently mentioned challenge for international jobseekers in the Netherlands is the mismatch between their qualifications and the job requirements. The lack of a network is also perceived as a challenge, as is a lack of knowledge of the language and culture. The study also revealed that 64% of the respondents only started looking for a job after arriving in the Netherlands; the other 36% started while still abroad.

“The average workplace in the Netherlands benefits from having expats/international employees in their workforce. We can see that many of our clients are worried about the turnover among international employees within their organisation. In the market research which we have recently conducted among international employees, we can see that offering a Dutch course as part of the employment package is perceived as very important to international employees. This is a good way of demonstrating how international employees make an effort to settle down in the Netherlands, and also how organisations can encourage expats to join them in the Netherlands.” Sylvie Craenen – General Manager Unique Multilingual.

Unique Multilingual has used the results from the research to create an infographic: Trends in International Recruitment in the Netherlands (download PDF).
This market research has been conducted by Unique Multilingual amongst 397 respondents of 60 different nationalities.