What should you be earning in Amsterdam?

The below list should enable you to get a general idea. But of course, there are numerous and varied factors that can influence these numbers, such as age, years of experience, exact function and level of responsibility, level of education, company size, whether the company is international, what industry it’s in etc. So do please remember that while the table gives average numbers for standard positions, it doesn’t take into account many of these factors, hence may not be applicable to you.

Function/years of experience
1-3 3-5
 Administration   €1,800
 €2,300  €2,500  €2,850  €3,000
 Personal assistant  €2,100  €2,700  €2,800  €3,500  €5,000
 Customer service representative   €1,900  €2,200 €2,550   €2,900  €3,350
 Marketing professional   €2,000  €2,300  €3,000  €3,700  €5,500
 Sales (excl. commission)   €2,200  €2,500  €3,700  €5,000  €7,000
 HR professional   €2,300  €2,800  €4,000  €5,000  €6,000
 Accountant   €2,550  €3,100  €3,700  €4,000  €4,300
 Financial controller   €2,900  €3,200  €4,000  €4,300  €4,700
 Software developer  €2,750  €3,500  €4,000  €5,000  €6,000
 Web designer  €2,200  €3,500  €4,000  €5,000  €6,000
 Helpdesk IT  €2,200  €2,300  €2,500  €3,000  €3,500

Average salaries

At first glance, these salaries seem to be quite low, especially for positions in international companies. The numbers are based on research among Dutch employees and were taken from the Loonwijzer website, an online tool that allows you to calculate average monthly salaries for any position. In the search that yielded the results in the table, the level of education was not specified, so there is no reason for feeling discouraged if the category that affects you seems to have a lower salary than your current income. You can visit the site yourself in order to calculate the right salary range for your particular case. Unfortunately the site is available in Dutch only, so fire up Google Translate, bring along one of your Dutch friends – or feel free to get in touch with us, Adams Recruitment.