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Dutch employers are active on LinkedIn

Of the Netherlands’ working population of 9.2 million, 8 million have a LinkedIn account. This not only means that Dutch employers are increasingly using the platform to recruit new talent but that it’s more important than ever to stand out from others in your industry. Dutch employers have been quick to engage with LinkedIn as a recruiting tool, and many HR and hiring managers include searching and reviewing LinkedIn profiles as part of the very first stages of the recruitment process.

What employers in the Amsterdam Area are looking for

Communicating your skills and experience effectively is the biggest challenge when applying for jobs, especially if your work history took place in another country. To get started, consider your dream employer (or client, if you’re an entrepreneur) and think about the skills, experience and keywords they will be searching for. Then, ensure that the descriptions of your work experience highlight these. Provide relevant details as concisely as possible, taking care with industry jargon and abbreviations – these are crucial for specialised positions and industries, or you may need to phrase transferable skills more broadly.

Dutch employers continually stress the importance of keeping applications and corresponding information precise and to the point. This also applies on LinkedIn. Check your contact details carefully (don’t include your home address) and provide a link to your website or online portfolio if relevant. Write a compelling ‘About’ section which introduces yourself succinctly – and make it clear that you are available. For example: “ready to tackle innovative, technical programme or product management roles in your global, Amsterdam-based company.”

Remember that the reader will scan your profile quickly. Job titles can be up to 100 characters and display in bold, which is the perfect opportunity to highlight extra details – such as the clients you managed or which department you worked in. 

Another notable aspect of Dutch working culture is its personable and open nature, preferring collaborative discussion over structure and hierarchy. Always write in first person (using “me” or “I”, not “he”, “she” or “they”) as you would if you were meeting a potential employer in person.

Reach out

When you begin your job search in Amsterdam, use LinkedIn to begin to build a local network. Start by connecting with people you know even if you’ve only met them briefly. Then look for second-degree connections in companies that interest you – find out about the opportunities in Amsterdam’s main sectors. Feel free to introduce yourself and explain that you are new to the area, building a local network and would love it if you could ask one or two questions about the work culture in their company, or how their role in the Netherlands compares to those in other countries.

How a dedicated LinkedIn consultant can help

A professional LinkedIn presence can greatly enhance your chances of landing your dream job in Amsterdam. Petra Fisher specialises in working with professionals and entrepreneurs with an international background. Contact her directly to arrange personalised assistance with your LinkedIn presence. You can also find tips and insights on her website, Facebook group and, of course, on LinkedIn.

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