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Museum Haarlem
Image from Teylers museum Haarlem

5 reasons to visit Teylers Museum

Take your chance to visit Teylers Museum in Haarlem to discover a genuine summer festival in the middle of their famous art and science collection. Here are five reasons to book your ticket now.

In collaboration with Teylers Museum

Enjoy summer entertainment in Haarlem

It promises to be another entertaining summer this year at Teylers Museum for the second edition of Enjoy the Summer at Teylers. Once again, the programme is loaded with activities intended to delight and educate: drawing fossils and instruments, an electrostatic machine demonstration, family entertainment, drawing courses, guided tours to the library and the Observatory, dance performances, spoken word and live music. Enjoy the Summer at Teylers is a real festival with good food, refreshing drinks and delightful soundscapes.

Marvel at the oldest museum in the Netherlands

Teylers Museum is the oldest museum in the Netherlands, and that is reflected throughout the museum. Teylers Museum is named after Pieter Teyler van der Hulst (1702-1778), a wealthy Haarlemmer who built up considerable art and science collections. After his death, a 'book and art room' was built behind his house. Back then, people would visit this ultramodern laboratory to marvel at the latest scientific inventions, books and art. This is all still possible today because the Oval Room has remained virtually unchanged since then. It is truly the 'jewel' of the Teylers Museum.

Discover the museum secrets during a masterpieces tour

As part of Enjoy the Summer at Teylers, explore the entire museum in 30 minutes. This Topstukkentour (Masterpieces-tour) takes you past the highlights of every room. How did the peak of the Mont Blanc end up in Teylers? How did 19th-century researchers look at fossils? What is the story behind the two landscapes in the First Paintings Room? You’ll learn it all during this entertaining tour.

Watch performances in the courtyard of the Pieter Teylers House

In the Pieter Teylers House, his enlightenment philosophy really comes to life. He firmly believed that every human being had the right to strive for freedom and happiness, and this would make the world a better place. Start the weekend off in Haarlem with performances in the courtyard of Pieter Teylers House and enjoy dance, music and/or spoken word.

Step into a place of learning

Celebrating the summer in Teylers is both festive and educational. "This fits well with the DNA of Teylers Museum", says Marc de Beyer, director of the museum. "It is a working institution driven by the human curiosity to understand the world around us. By presenting the stories behind the collection in an investigative way, we arouse curiosity and encourage thinking." Exactly as Pieter Teyler had once intended it.

Visit for the entire programme.

8 July until 3 September | Celebrate the summer in Teylers | Pieter Teylers Museum