Transport and travel in the Amsterdam Area

As the city of cycles, Amsterdam is naturally very easy to get around (it helps that the city is extraordinarily flat). The small city is also conveniently connected with trains, trams and buses. Best of all, many other exciting European destinations are just a hop, skip and a flight away.

Transport in the Amsterdam Area

Amsterdam is the city of cycles. Amsterdammers love their two-wheeled friends and ride them everywhere, rain or shine. If you’re travelling a little further, be it in the Amsterdam Area or elsewhere in the Netherlands, the reliable trams, buses and trains will get you there. Check out these transport options for students.

Your gateway to Europe

One of the many reasons for coming to live in Amsterdam is that it is so easy and inexpensive to travel to other European destinations. If you’re after a study break in Paris, creative inspiration from Berlin, or a post-exam party in Barcelona, you’re in luck. Find out more about travelling Europe from the Amsterdam Area. 

How to get around Amsterdam

Tips for life in Amsterdam