Veem House for Performance

Veem House for Performance is an internationally oriented theatre and production house rooted in Amsterdam West. We are a home for performance, mime, dance and disciplines yet to be named. A place where artists are given space to experiment, develop and present. From startling performances by upcoming artists to discursive evenings, movement classes and vibrant Veem House dinners: come discover it at Veem House!

A place for art, politics, ideas and people to meet

While Veem House is predominantly a production house, the doors open to the public for roughly one week per month. In addition to showing performances, the theater also organizes Veem House Dinners, Open Studios, movement classes, book presentations and long-term group studies (Long Now Lab).

Veem House works with artists and co-curators who share new perspectives on existing status quos to create programs reflecting contemporary issues, with the intention of being a place to exercise, discuss and chew on new ideas together.