Podium of the world surrounding us

The repertoire consists of small-scale, intimate performances including modern dance, youth theatre, modern chamber music, and experimental theatre. The theatre presents top theatre groups and young, talented makers.

In addition, the production house makes theatre projects inspired by historical and cultural themes from the world around us.

Check the Plein Theater website for the latest information on upcoming productions.

Café Restaurant

At Plein Theater Café Restaurant on the Sajetplein in Amsterdam Oost chef Omar Alexis Parra Ramirez will treat you to delicious Latin-American and Colombian dishes. He and his team are waiting to greet you Tuesday through Sunday from 12:00 to 21:00 with coffee and sweets, lunch, and dinner.

Enjoy each other’s company inside, or outside on the lovely terrace. There is a playground for children, with plenty of toys. There are also books, games, and sidewalk chalk to play with. Inside, it’s warm and cosy in the souterrain, built in 1871 as employees’ canteen for the former Amstel Brewery complex on the Mauritskade.

And while you’re inside, be sure to check out the walls, where works of artists from Amsterdam Oost are on display.