Department Landscapes

This term comes from a quote from composer Morton Feldman, one of the sources of inspiration for Keren Levi's work: “The attack of a sound is not its character... Decay, however, this departing landscape, this expresses where the sound exists in our hearing — leaving us rather than coming towards us. “(Morton Feldman) “…

From 2018, Keren Levi is working on a series of solos under the name Departing Landscapes, of which THERE SHE IS is the current version. Departing Landscapes is like a wet painter's canvas, on which Levi constantly reinterprets, sharpens, erases, applies and refines the same idea.

It grows with her and becomes richer and more layered as a result of the time, attention and love she puts into the piece over a longer period of time. For this series of works, Levi asked dramaturg Igor Dobričić and composer Tom Parkinson, with whom she has been collaborating for years, to help shape this personal quest.

Levi is a convincing mover, subtle details immediately attract attention. She also knows how to effortlessly get you into her story, you can see the images and landscapes she paints. That makes the game with memories, family ties, loss and the sense of finiteness palpable.”