The Sacred Life of Plants

The year is 2092. It has been rediscovered that plants possess intelligence and consciousness. A soul. They have something to say that is invaluable to all life on Earth. Through new rituals, people reach a deeper layer of communication. And learn to listen to the vital, secret story of plants.

The Sacred Life of Plants by music theater company Project Wildeman and visual artist Rosalie Wammes is an intuitive fusion of electronic live music, design and video art. They take you to a world that is different from everything you are used to. A world without spoken language, in which people, technology and plant life connect more and more closely.

In the middle of the Amstel Park

The Sacred Life of Plants takes place in the Amstelpark, which has been around for fifty years. Normally this park is closed to the public in the evening. The park will be opened in the evening especially for The Sacred Life of Plants.