Mike's Badhuistheater brings its NEW Comedy Play. After 6 sold-out Try-Outs!

The Good Soldier SVEJK. by Jaroslav Hasek.The great Czech Satirist. 100 years ago in Europe. The Play (based on the Novels and Short stories by Hasek, adapted by Mike Manicardi) begins in 1914….the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo.

Bohemia/ Czech has secret agents from the Austrian secret police running around, catching potential Anarchists. (like Hasek) CZ is a forbidden language.

Hasek himself was caught in 1915, on the South Ukraine Border and became a prisoner of the Russians, before becoming an APPARATCHIK in the Czech Legion army. He returns 4 years later to write his SVEJK novels, in weekly episodes for the newspapers.

The Great Jaroslav Hasek will write his unfinished Stories,

like Dickens did, and then die as an alcoholic at 39 years old.

Other people will earn money with his Brainchild, but SVEJK will  spread all over Europe, and live forever as one of the first GREAT Anti world War Novels.