Jozef Svejk is a Dog seller and an official Idiot. He has the papers to prove it! so he doesn’t have to be conscripted for the Austro Hungarian Empire. Set in Czechoslovakia at the end of the Austro Hungarian Empire, Jaroslav Hasek was a satirical genius in his attempts to achieve Cz independence, and also attention for Cz language. His long, episodic novel, “Svejk” (is the most translated Cz novel) it follows the life and fortunes of Josef Svejk, who is forced to join the Austro Hungarian Army for the 2nd time in the war against Russia. The Cz battalion travels across Hungary and into now Southern Ukraine and Poland, where Svejk manages to confuse and create chaos for all his betters. The performance is in English, with some Cz, German, Russian and Hungarian.