In a minimalist, modern, queer, afro-caribbean, operatic version of something that could be like Cinderella, The Sound of the Music or The Matrix, LESTER brings his own story, in his own way, with that mix of humour, drama and virtuosity that characterizes his work. Inspired by Joseph Campbell's The Hero of Thousand Faces, THE GATE is a story about finding the Supernatural within. LESTER tries to find a way (like in Hollywood movies or Broadway musicals) in which his personal story can become universal, like a sort of tale, for everyone to learn about something. With THE GATE, ARIAH takes us on board in his personal journey from Venezuela to The Netherlands, from Lester Arias to ARIAH LESTER. Lester creates a ritual in which he morphs into the Hero, into the materialization of his own Dream, into ARIAH, into you.