[THE BRAIN] is an experimental piece that will transform the theatre and the audience into a collective intelligence, aka, a mind. During the course of the performance that collective mind will learn to think, ask and answer questions, and be creative together - until ultimately, that collective intelligence is able to decide what to do and maybe even write a performance - live in the space.

This will be achieved by connecting the audience together via mobile phones in a distributed-intelligence network or swarm intelligence - and creating feedback loops between what the audience collectively write, and the ideas that come into existence live on stage.

The work draws on ideas from complex systems, contemporary cybernetics and neuroscience and network theory, but at the same time the work, the mind, is a metaphor about society, democracy, and the human condition. About the relationship between the individual and the group - between collective omnipotence and individual impotence. About the micro- to the macro cosmos - do the mind and world share a common structure? Is the world becoming an increasingly interconnected ‘global brain’? And if so, how do we get the best ideas to rise to the surface and think about the survival of the group?

Bring your mobile phone and charger cable and get connected to the collective brain.