ExploreZ Festival 2022

During the second week of ExploreZ Festival 2022, the 30th anniversary of ZID Theater will be celebrated! ZID has invited various theatre-makers and performing artists to jointly create a special location project Re-Dreams in Broedplaats Bouw, where ZID Theater is located.

History as a source of inspiration for the future

In the site-specific performance Re-Dreams, ZID investigates its own archive in relation to the future. The story of ZID Theater started 30 years ago with the performance Dreams. Now, the balance is now being drawn up with Re-Dreams - a unique production which approached history as a source of inspiration for the future.

Karolina Spaic (Director) and Sebo Bakker (Actor), who have led ZID Theater together from the start, meet different generations of makers and jointly investigate the value of the ZID archive for the new generations. Led by a guide, the audience wanders through a landscape of video projections, unexpected performances, soundscapes and live musicians.