PoroCity with a tour along a series of special locations in the city and further is a performance as a journey that combines mapping dreams into special architectural locations with choreography of space, light and sound. PoroCity moves through the buildings and the city as a living organism. It is based on the dreams collected from people of various cultural backgrounds and woven into a larger dream narrative. Two performers alias ‘dreamers’ lead the audience through a labyrinth of spaces and map the dreams as though they take place here and now. They gradually weave the dreams, the location, the building, its history, the audience and the space into each other as they become part of the performance. The elusive logic that seems so familiar in dreams merges with everyday reality and, in their overlap, a third space emerges - a porous space between what we see and what we imagine. PoroCity is a performance as a tool to activate the imaginal and shift the gaze towards the world.

PoroCity premieres at the Burgerweeshuis (Orphanage) designed by the Dutch designer Aldo van Eyck and further appears on a series of special and unexpected locations in Amsterdam, Netherlands and internationally and is on tour until March 2019.

concept, script & choreografie en ruimte Andrea Božic & Julia Willms lichtontwerp Vinny Jones geluid Robert Pravda spel Matthew Day & Julia Willms foto Julia Willms techniek Paul Beumer productie TILT Residentie: BUDA Kunstencentrum.