The relationship between tigers and humans is complex. First regarded as kin and vehicles for ancestral spirits, humans ended up by virtually exterminating tigers in the age of colonialism. Yet, as myths and metaphors, tigers incessantly return to haunt the public imagination. In a film duet, the Singaporean artist and filmmaker Ho Tzu Nyen weaves history, ecology and mythology through his theatrical installation One or Several Tigers. Grafting animism on to animation, a Malayan Tiger and a colonial surveyor on two facing screens sing a duet in which a million years of history pass by. Through seamless use of cinematic techniques, ancient and contemporary, Ho Tzu Nyen enacts the manifold metamorphoses of tigers, humans and weretigers (people who can turn into tigers).

direction, script, editing, compositing Ho Tzu Nyen 3D scan, 2D- en 3D-modeling and animation Vividthree Productions 3D modeling and anitmation Mimic Productions music , vocals, motion capture performerVindicatrix co-design installation, light Andy Lim show control programming Yap Seok Hui sounddesign, engineer, mix Jeffrey Yue shadow puppetry Hadi Sukirno  production Tzu + ARTFACTORY with support of National Arts Council Singapore.
wereldpremière Berlijn, 20 april 2016