Go to college –> get married –> buy a house –> have kids –> lead a life of leisure. The one that makes the most money, wins! Do the rules of The Game Of Life still apply in 2020? Is it still our life goal to retire while living in our villa while others are stuck with lifelong depts?

Play the life-sized The Game Of Life – the Millennial Edition from Felix Meritis and 3310 – School for Millennials and go through all the highs and lows that life has to offer. Enter the adventure and who knows: you might find ultimate happiness.

The Game Of Life – the Millennial Edition is played in groups of 6. The game takes about an hour and your ticket is valid for 2 players. A drink for each player is included in the ticket. Choose the date and timeslot that you want to play the game and you’re ready to go.