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In 'Innenschau [Revisited]' we follow an obsessively jealous husband. He is possessed by the idea that his free-spirited wife is coveted by other men and wants to protect her in the name of love. Fuelled by his own sexual frustrations and aggression, he enters a dark delusional state, where it becomes impossible to separate truth from lies. As if in a nocturnal odyssey, he travels through the dark recesses of his subconscious and comes to a startling, irreversible discovery. With no speech, this atmospheric play is carried along by its great acting, beautiful visuals and a live soundtrack by the indie rock band Alamo Race Track.

Amsterdam Culture Club

Connecting internationals with culture, Amsterdam Culture Club invites internationals in Amsterdam to attend a variety of cultural events and experiences. In the process you can meet like-minded internationals and take part in special extras. Culture Club members who attend the performance on 18 January 2018 can enjoy a special reception, a tour of the theatre and a talk by director Jakop Ahlbom. Learn more about Amsterdam Culture Club and join to receive the special ticket information.