A sensory playground of textile bodies

Designers and performance-makers Helena Dietrich and Janneke Raaphorst invite you to a playground of the senses. An installation of textile bodies to explore, to wear and to bring to life. Their sculptures are the result of 1-on-1 sessions in which test subjects are asked about their personal experiences of their body and physical presence. Elastic Habitat offers an opportunity to escape temporarily from the distinction between yourself and another. A space where you can explore and expand the familiar habitat of your identity in an intuitive, sensory way.

German designer Helena Dietrich took a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication at Stuttgart’s Merz Academie and the University of Portsmouth before carrying out a research project at a.pass in Brussels. In her work, which ranges from performances and installations to photographic and video art, she investigates the interaction between visual information and identity, at both the individual and collective level. Her installations are generally highly sensory and invite the visitor to carry out playful self-exploration. Helena Dietrich lives and works in Brussels.

Janneke Raaphorst studied audio-visual art at the Rietveld Academie and obtained a Master in Performance Art from DasArts. Her work takes place at the intersection of text and textile, and shows a fascination for the performative qualities of textile: can a fabric or item of clothing come to life like a text does when it is said aloud? Such works include a series of wall hangings that can be scanned using a smartphone and a catering service in which the waiters’ outer clothing dissolved during the course of the evening. Janneke Raaphorst has previously collaborated with makers including Sarah van Lamsweerde and Sonia Jokiniemo and worked for organisations such as Greenpeace and The Yes Men.