Powerful dance

Just like in her previous project JEZEBEL, Menzo stretches her movement language by applying the Chopped and Screwed method, a remix technique within hip-hop music in which the tempo of the music is strongly reversed, to her movement language.

For DARKMATTER Cherish Menzo draws inspiration from posthumanism, in which the physical is transcended, but especially from Afrofuturism. A movement that focuses on a future in which black people live in a hyper-technical and decolonized world. Or rather, it depicts a future in which colonization never took place. It mixes future with tradition, technology with ancient African mythology and fantasy with reality.

The performance includes a Distorted Rap Choir. At each playground, a dozen local people of color are invited to participate in workshops dealing with themes from DARKMATTER . At the end of the two-day workshop, the choir will record a rap anthem , the recording of which will be integrated into the performance. A new choir and an extra layer are added for each spot.

The different choirs can be seen and heard via this link .