Jessica Hellmuth  

With just one rope and one body, Jessica Hellmuth lets the viewer experience a multitude of forms. In this impressive solo by the American aerial rope artist, contemporary circus, and performance art flow into one another. The viewer's gaze is put on edge. While she transforms her body in the most surprising, non-artificial ways, what we see, name and judge is dismantled. With Corpomorphologistics, in which she works with self-made soundscapes and text, Jessica opens the doors for a conversation about intimacy, identity, and perception.  

The audience can witness moments of intimacy, confusion, and humor together. "A woman exposing herself so openly on stage can be confusing and triggers a thought process," Jessica knows. "I would like to inspire girls who are growing into their bodies to see their forms not just as measures of social value, but as interesting and worthy individual forms and identities."