A multidisciplinary mindf*ck

What is really true in this post-truth era? How do we form our opinions and how impressionable are we? Now that we increasingly find ourselves in our own comfortable bubble due to social media, these relevant questions by The Circle of Truth confront the spectators with new perspectives, beyond their own information bubble. The new show covers 10.000 square meters on the industrial NDSM-terrain and runs from April 14th for a period of six weeks.

The Circle of Truth mixes theatre, music, interactive installations, dance, visual arts, opera, mime and night culture into a multidisciplinary mindf*ck. Art fanatics, theatregoers, opera lovers and nightlife creatures: there is something in it for all of them. They are more than just spectators, as they will become part of the show that takes them through the entire building. In the end, it takes them to the climax, the grand ball.