Mike’s Badhuistheater returns to the Amsterdam Stage with a STREET version of the famous BBC series Blackadder .On Friday 3 July  you can see an Open Air versionof  the play at our amfitheater in the east of Amsterdam. Mike's company returns after a sold out series of shows in January February and March  this year.
The company is  very successful with classical English language plays like ‘Allo ‘Allo! , Sean O’Casey’s Dublin Trilogy and The Good Soldier SVEJK.
Blackadder is a black comedy about war in general, BUT this version is a world war on the Covid virus. Blackadder crashes at Rene's Cafe in France . Mad Hilarity ensues..Support Us, the Small theaters and Come . One Free TEXELS beer is included with your ticket
Blackadder meets Circus Rene Artois is directed by Michael Manicardi. Tickets: www.badhuistheater.nl/tickets