Fluid bubble

In this Friday evening series, CC Amstel and Rikkert van Huisstede give a different queer perspective on identity and sexuality every edition. Immerse yourself in intimacy, party, sensuality, dialogue, art and glitter! At BECOMING the following applies: more is better, vulnerability is strength, party is depth and everyone is queer!


This evening is composed in collaboration with Cherella Gessel. An intimate cleansing ritual takes place in an alternate universe. Here rhymes are healing spells, purple mist is cleansing for the YONI and all trauma and negative vibrations are shaken away from the centre of the body. Yoniversal healing is needed!

Cherella Gessel lives at the intersection of Afro-Caribbean, female and queer. This regularly creates inner conflicts in the western, patriarchal, capitalist, heteronormative, racist society in which we live. We see how the multidisciplinary Cherella searches for healing and balance for herself, together with like-minded people.

Cherella Gessel

Theater, film, dance, spoken word, modeling, styling and make-up. All-round performance artist Cherella Gessel does it all. In 2014 she started her career as an actor, where she discovered that theater can be the link between different disciplines. She played at the Bijlmerparktheater, DOX, Frascati Productions and Maas Theater & Dans, among others. She is also a well-known figure in the international ballroom scene. Her greatest source of inspiration is her own experience as an Afro-Caribbean queer woman. From this point of view she created her latest solo performance slash alternative universe YONIVERSE , where she has created an intimate cleansing ritual through theater, hip-hop and dance, to process negative experiences.

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