Ontroerend Goed invites you to engage in big finance. For just one evening, you are the 1%, the super rich. You call the shots. You are at the center of our economic system. You determine every course. And who knows... perhaps you'll make the world a better and fairer place?

After the Personal Trilogy (The Smile off your Face, Intern & A Game of You), where the self-knowledge of the spectator was put to the test one-on-one, and the confrontation with voting behaviour in Fight Night, Ontroerend Goed focuses on what really has value: money.
Many experts say that if we all would realize what money really means, a revolution would break out. The whole system would implode because confidence, which is essential, would disappear like melting snow in the sun. Ontroerend Goed invites you to join the table and play the system from the inside.

P.S. If you come, please bring money. Cash, because we do not trust the pixels on the screen of your mobile device, telling us how much money you supposedly have.