May 2019
Dear Pocahontas,

I am going to make a performance in which I play you!

Usually I am cast as a Latina cleaning lady or some exotic whore, because of the way I look, but finally, here’s a wonderful opportunity for me.

I take the Walt Disney’s picture as a reference to work on. You look so beautiful in this movie, a really nice example how to live pure and close to nature. Your John, the cute and muscular Englishman, in which you completely fall for, isn’t wrong either. Jeez, what a guns on that guy! Things don’t come easy for you two in the movie, but I think that you are very brave to face you strict father. A true sign of emancipation. I later read on Wikipedia, that John was actually 40 years old and you were only 12, is that true? Hope not.

Anyway.. the performance I am going to make, is as well about doing something that actually shouldn’t be allowed. Appropriation, of sorts. But with stories. A bit like we Europeans have done with ‘you people’, right?