In 'La Galerie', seven circus performers and a musician take you to the fringes of art with breathtaking acrobatics, seductive music and a serious dose of silly fun. They are guests in an immaculate white exhibition. Anything that leans even slightly towards color is immediately cleaned up. Until the performers with a creative spark cause an explosion of color and with it for an exciting feast for the senses and a flashy ode to creativity. “Hilarious circus slapstick with chilling acrobatics”, Theaterkrant wrote about their previous performance in a four-star review. Be sure to check out the trailer!

Also suitable for children from 10 years.

Website: Machine de Cirque

About their previous performance 'Machine de Cirque':

“From the first dizzying near-fall of one of the acrobats, the performance sucks you from spine-chilling tension to laughter until your jaw hurts.” (Theaterkrant)