Slavery, colonialism, patriarchy, feminism, sexuality and the exploitation and exotification of the Black female body – these are issues that are more pertinent now, with the exposure of the long-standing war on women’s bodies at its peak. In Venus vs. Modernity, Lebo Mashile researches the framing and politics of the female body in relation to the impressive and painful story of Sarah Baartman who was exposed as a "freak" woman in the 19th Century and was displayed in colonial human zoos. In this black comedy Lebogang Mashile turns this historical story upside down and gives Baartman a voice through poetry and opera. Venus vs Modernity dissects the effects of white supremacy and patriarchal systems on the images of the Black female body. Strengthened by the play and powerful voice of Ann Masina who embodies the goddess Venus with her physical presence and a full choir with her powerful voice.