Heartrending story about a ‘material girl’

Based on the 1848 novel La Dame aux camélias by Alexandre Dumas, La Traviata was Verdi’s first opera to revolve around current issues. Marie Duplessis, the Parisian courtesan on whom the novel’s protagonist was modelled, had died a year before. She had been a cult figure, embodying success and glamour until her tragic death. 

Long-awaited debut

La Traviata is the long-awaited DNO debut of Tatjana Gürbaca, one of today’s most exciting opera directors. In her production, Violetta Valéry, initially a carefree ‘material girl’, becomes increasingly entangled in the capitalistic system that eventually crushes her. Gürbaca strips the opera of all its unnecessary decorations and lays bare the unrelenting hardness of the human condition against the background of a minimalistic décor.