Contemporary opera about the mysterious southern continent

This new work by Australian composer Mary Finsterer explores the historical, mythical and scientific conceptions and stories of the southern continent. With an enchanting combination of musical elements from old and new styles, the opera transports audiences to the world of Antarctica.

This fictional story begins with three characters from the Age of Discovery, miraculously evoked from the memory of a young girl: a cartographer, a naturalist and a philosopher, each with their own dreams and expectations of the mysterious landscape. Their motivations range from loving curiosity to arrogant possessiveness. But what they find is much bigger than themselves.

A current story in collaboration with scientists

In preparation for her opera, Finsterer hosted a symposium at the University of Tasmania where she and librettist Tom Wright could meet scientists from the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies. At a time of increasing concern about our ecology, the displacement of populations and a heightened awareness of how fragile our oceans are, Antarctica is a highly contemporary story.