Voice of Void

This visual choreography / dancing installation by Sanne Clifford (choreographer) and Manon Veldhuis (scenographer) highlights the contrast between these two environments we live in. They can provide stability or reason to adjust. The dancers move and respond to the rhythms of this changing landscape. Experience a mesmerizing game of different paces and unfolding patterns through movement, breath and an ongoing changing scenery.

About dance, Fireflies and the end of the world as we know it

About dance, Fireflies and the end of the world as we know it is a dance and spoken word performance linking the crisis of Modernity to Dance as a useless phenomenon. Arguing that Modernity encourages progress, production and waste, leaving no space for the "in-between", Dance appears as a purposeless dynamic image.

But is it? Philosophical ideas about the role of Art in neoliberal western societies put Dance into question, leaving it to its own defense by triggering imagination and ironic scenarios. This lecture-performance invites you to think and watch along, being a part of a visually and emotionally stimulating landscape where Words and Dance coexist in the utility of the useless.

"Yes to imagination. Yes to spectacle. No answers here. See us dance. Let there be darkness and fireflies to give us a signal in the night."