About Swan Lake

This world-famous three-act ballet lets us experience Prince Siegfried's love for Princess Odette who has been cursed by the evil wizard Von Rothbart. During the day Odette goes through life like a swan, only at night she becomes a woman again.

Prince Siegfried goes to extremes and wants to break the curse by marrying Odette. However, his plans arouse the wrath of the wizard and his daughter. Will Siegfried be able to keep his promise to Odette?

About the composer

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote Swan Lake, his first ballet, from August 1875 to April 1876 at the request of the Moscow Ballet. He was inspired by his own tormented life when composing, thus bringing about a true revolution in classical music.

However, the first performance (1877) was poorly received. It was not until 1895, two years after Tchaikovsky's death, when it was staged in its full length with choreography by Marcus Petipa, that this ballet received the appreciation it deserves. In 1984 Rudolf Nureyev signed for a new interpretation.

Between romantic duets and lofty choreographies, exceptional dancers carried by the orchestra fascinate with the Spanish dance, the Mazurka and the 'dance of the swans'. Exploring the limits of eternal love, Swan Lake has captivated as the pinnacle of romantic ballet and has continued to enchant and seduce spectators for generations.