In multimedia dance solo MAJKA, Amsterdam based choreographer Sandra Kramerová zooms in on the differences and similarities between Eastern and Western European femininity. Inspired by the popular Czechoslovak TV series Spadla z oblakov (She Fell from the Sky, 1978/1981), Sandra embodies the iconic character Majka, who lands in 1970’s Czechoslovakia and learns female behavior from commercials, TV broadcasts and Czechoslovak socialist propaganda.

In her childlike innocence, she finds roles that seem to contradict each other: the beautiful saint, the hard-working matriarch, fearless female citizen, and a celebrated heroine.

Majka’s appearance transforms with her self realization and a study of womanhood turns into a statement. As images, objects and costumes take on new meaning, innocence converts into something dark and we see struggle between different cultural, social and personal female stereotypes.