A moving duet of mother and son

The Power (or) The Fragile is an encounter between two bodies: one younger, powerful and vital, the other older and fragile. But it is also a meeting between two worlds. Mother Latifa has always dreamed of becoming a dancer, but Mohamed has been given the opportunity to make dance his profession. In Toukabri's first solo of 2019, The Upside Down Man , Latifa went on video from her living room in Tunis to the disco beats of the Bee Gees. When Toukabri was granted Belgian nationality last year, she was finally able to come to him with a visa. After being separated for a long time, son and mother now find each other on stage.

“We tend to separate the heart from the mind, the masculine from the feminine… But you know, between birth and death, that's where life is lived. In that snack.' - Mohamed Toukabric

*After this performance, an in-depth conversation with the makers will follow and the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions.