Breakers, freestyle and street soccer players

The internationally renowned cast of freestyle, street footballers and breakers blast off the stage with flashy footwork, impressive power moves and hypnotic dance sequences. As they merge with the ball, their bodies moving rhythmically, the audience won't be able to tell whether they're watching a breaker or the flashy footwork of a soccer artist.

Ode to football

It is not surprising that Gerris has come up with this unique combination. Not only has he been an avid football fan for many years, he also spent hours in his youth on his inline skates in Amsterdam's Vondelpark. His love for urban sports was therefore the catalyst for his theater performances with ISH Dance Collective.

The production FTBLL – Can you kick it was developed in collaboration with Meervaart and Royal Theater Carré; Parkstad Limburg Theaters is co-producer of the project. The performance will travel through the Netherlands in the 2022/2023 season.

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