Shifting spaces | Tilting time

Climate, borders, migration, Black Lives Matter, democracy, everything seems to shift and tilt. What we do today affects our future. Who takes up space, who makes room? Contemporary African artists work at the intersection of these major changes. For them, the great shifts in our world and tilts in our thinking are also a reckoning with the past in order to be able to change our way of thinking and our attitude in the present. About who we are, think we are and maybe would like to be.

While there are great differences in language, culture, our ways of living and communicating between the cultures of our world, there is an unstoppable connection that encompasses all of us and of which we are all a part.

Even in the moments of physical isolation for our safety, there is a sense of community. Because we know that an individual act by one of us can affect hundreds of others. No one can claim immunity no matter how developed or how vulnerable our society is. We are all going through this together and we can only solve it together. It is this connection and the intimacy that comes from it that put Afro_Vibes in the foreground this year.

If you want to know more about the program, go to Afrovibes for information and tickets.