is hosted by (Dutch) actor, comedian Patrick Stoof alongside (American) comedian and Boom Chicago bigwig, Stacey Smith. Together with the audience and guests, they will settle the battle between expectations and experiences. Our musical guest Dusty Stray will translate typical Dutch songs for you in a funny and fresh way.

Expect inspiring guests, language mis-translations, lots of laughter and the best disco, dance and club classics from DJ Robert Feelgood. More special guests will be announced soon!

Okay, nice, but what is JA, GEZELLIG!? It starts with a talk show with exciting people who built famous Dutch companies, are working in the Netherlands as expats or just have amazing stories to tell. All with our recurring theme: expectations vs. experiences. 

After the stories, we'll run a quiz, welcome musical guests and do fantastic giveaways. All in a typical Dutch gezellig, cheerful and optimistic way! Will there be beer and kaasblokjes? Of course! 

Get your tickets now for this unique Friday afternoon or VRIJMIBOOM! (VRIJdag Middag at BOOM Chicago) Book via www.boomchicago.nl 

It’s also recommended (but not required) to attend the Boom Chicago Improv Spectacular afterwards! 100% improvised means it is different every week!